Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA)

Address: 1617 Wilcox Boulevard
Chattanooga, TN 37406
Phone: (423) 629-1473 Fax: (423) 6982749 Website:

The Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority (CARTA) is the public transit system in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The CARTA has provided safe, dependable and efficient transportation service to our community for almost 40 years! Unlike many other public transit systems, the CARTA is more than just bus service. In addition to providing traditional fixed route public transportation, the CARTA Care-a-van provides specialized transportation for the disabled. The CARTA operates the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, the steepest passenger railway in the world. CARTA initiated the downtown parking system that includes three parking garages with convenient access to our shuttle system, on street metered parking, and parking lots; initiated the Downtown Electric Shuttle system that has one of the largest fleet of electric buses in the United States; and recently took over the city of Chattanooga’s parking operations. Soon, the CARTA in cooperation with the city of Chattanooga’s bicycle program, will manage some 30 bicycle rental stations throughout the urban area. The CARTA carries over three million passengers annually and our funding sources include the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County governments, state and federal governments, bus fares, revenue from the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, and revenue from the parking operations. 

Besides operating one of the country’s largest electric vehicle fleets, the CARTA has been involved in numerous research projects including the testing of tires for minimizing rolling resistance, solar panels on the buses, gas turbines, alternative battery chemistries, inductive charging, hydrogen auxiliary power units, and consulting for national and international governments interested in electric bus technology. 

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