Chesapeake Bay Academy

Address: 821 Baker Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: (757) 497-6200 Fax: (757) 4976304 Website:


"The vision of Chesapeake Bay Academy is to continuously improve an educational environment where students value diversity and families embrace each child’s uniqueness.
The mission of Chesapeake Bay Academy is to educate students, including those with learning and attention disorders, whose potential may only be realized through an individualized academic program and to empower students to transition successfully from each of three separate school divisions to the next most appropriate educational or career setting.
Chesapeake Bay Academy is committed to the individual success of students of all races, creeds, ethnic origins, and socio-economic backgrounds who can benefit from the school’s specialized programs.
Chesapeake Bay Academy is committed to providing a supportive, challenging, and safe environment in which students, who demonstrate a discrepancy between academic achievement and aptitude, build self-esteem, discover their capabilities, address their educational differences, and acquire strategies for success.
Chesapeake Bay Academy is committed to a dynamic curriculum individualized for each student by specific educational plans implemented through multi-sensory instruction, experiences with leading technologies, and close interactions with adult mentors."

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