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Kansas Action for Children was founded in 1979 under leadership from the Junior League of Topeka, Junior League of Wichita, Junior League of Johnson & Wyandotte Counties, and the Kansas Children's Service League. These four organizations came together with a mission to establish an independent voice in the state for Kansas children. Since that time, KAC has grown to become one of the leading child advocacy organizations in the country. Through support from individuals and private foundations, KAC has worked alongside legislators and community leaders to achieve tremendous results on behalf of the 700,000 kids who call Kansas "home".

Our Mission: To shape health, education and economic policy that will improve the lives of Kansas children and families.
Our Vision: To make Kansas the best state to raise a child."home."

Projects – Kansas Action for Children spearheads a number of projects and campaigns designed to educate Kansans about issues affecting children and families, and to help shape public policy that improves the lives of Kansas kids. Learn more about our current and recent projects:

KIDS COUNT – The KIDS COUNT project in Kansas is a joint effort by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Kansas Action for Children. KIDS COUNT provides an annual snapshot of how Kansas children are doing when compared to their peers on the national, state and county levels. For nearly 20 years, KIDS COUNT has been a resource for Kansas legislators and community leaders interested in developing data-driven solutions that will make Kansas the best place to live, work and raise a family.

Kansas Dental Project – Right now, 93 Kansas counties don't have enough dentists. thirteen of those counties have no dentists at all. Recognizing that the shortage of dentists in Kansas had reached a critical point, three Kansas nonprofits have formed the Kansas Dental Project. The Kansas Dental Project is a collaborative effort by Kansas citizens, community leaders and health care professionals to solve the shortage of dental professionals in our state and increase access to dental care for Kansans living in rural and underserved communities.

In 2011, the Kansas Dental Project will be pursuing legislation to permit a mid-level provider, known as a "registered dental practitioner" to practice in Kansas. Mid-level providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician's assistants, have been used on the medical side to increase patient access to health care. Dental therapists – which have been used for decades in 50 other countries and, more recently, in the United States – can increase access in the same way on the dental side.

Kansas Coalition for School Readiness – The Kansas Coalition for School Readiness is a partnership of early learning educators, business leaders, child advocates, parents, law enforcement officials, military leaders, and other citizens who have come together to support investments in early childhood education so that Kansas children will be better prepared for success in school and beyond. Together, members of the Coalition work to protect and strengthen the state’s long-standing commitment to early childhood programs, such as Early Head Start, Smart Start, Healthy Families, Pre-K, tiny-k and Parents As Teachers.

Goals of the Coalition
The primary goals of the Coalition are to:
Increase the number of Kansas children who have the opportunity to participate in voluntary, high-quality early childhood programs.
Work in partnership with the early childhood community to assure that all early childhood investments are being made in programs that are accountable and that make a measureable difference in the lives of Kansas children.

Fiscal Focus- Kansas Action for Children works to improve the economic success of Kansas children and their families through its Fiscal Focus project. The goal of Fiscal Focus is to ensure a balanced tax system and budget process that protects the well-being of Kansas children and their families, and provides for a stable system of state revenues.

Kansas families must have the opportunity to meet their children’s basic economic and developmental needs such as food, clothing, transportation, health care, education and safe and affordable housing. Ensuring this opportunity requires that essential supports for families are a priority in the state budget process, that state finances are managed in a fiscally-sound manner, and that the tax system fairly distributes the tax burden among income levels.


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