Children’s Hospital at Montefiore

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Bronx, NY 10467-2940
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Who We Are
State-of-the-Art-Facility – The Children’s Hospital at Montefiore (CHAM) is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals for children in the world. CHAM’s unique integration of architecture, technology, education and inspiration is designed to engage children in a voyage of discovery and learning that can last a lifetime.

World Renowned Medical Staff – The healthcare team at CHAM starts with a team of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners who are among the best in their fields and who represent numerous pediatric specialties.

Family Centered Care – CHAM provides family centered care in a nurturing environment. At the heart of family-centered care is the belief that health care providers and the family are partners, working together to best meet the needs of the child.

The Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program -The Phoebe H. Stein Child Life Program recognizes the unique emotional and developmental needs of children and their families throughout their healthcare experience. The role of the Child Life Program is to help children successfully cope with illness, injury and treatment so that they may continue to live normal lives during their healthcare experience.

Carl Sagan Discovery Program -The Carl Sagan Discovery Program is the nation's first science and learning program fully integrated into the design and philosophy of a pediatric hospital. The Discovery Program engages children in a creative, science-discovery process that fires their imaginations, helps build self-esteem, and contributes to their long-term prospects for success.

Family Learning Place – The Suzanne Pincus Family Learning Place is a resource for children and families seeking to learn more about their health and treatment so that they can participate more effectively in their care. Our resources are organized in a consumer-friendly system based on broad categories of illness and wellness topics. Whatever needs you have, we are happy to assist you with finding the person, organization or resource that is best suited for you and your child.

Pediatric Emergency Department – The Pediatric Emergency Department (PED)is designed with dedicated treatment areas for trauma, psychiatric emergencies, and both routine and acute medical care needs. It also has a specialty Asthma Suite designed to reflect elements that provide a child and family a friendly environment. The PED has incorporated a "fast track" system that quickly triages less serious cases through the system.

Pediatric Day Hospital – The Day Hospital is designed to treat those children whose medical tests or procedures cannot be done in a simple office visit, yet do not require overnight admission to the hospital. Each child and their family member are assigned a personal examination/recovery roomand a game and toy filled area to engage children's attention as they await various procedures.

Pediatric Critical Care Unit – The Pediatric Critical Care Unit is a 14 bed medical-surgical unit providing comprehensive services for critically ill children through their 21st birthday. Each patient has an individual room with state-of-the-art monitoring, and a daybed for a parent to rest or sleep.


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