Children’s Hospital, Blythedale

Address: 95 Bradhurst Avenue
Valhalla,, NY 10595
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Our Mission
Blythedale Children’s Hospital is dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of children. We change the lives of children with complex medical illnesses and disabling conditions through superb multi-disciplinary care, teaching, research and advocacy programs.

We are the only specialty children’s hospital in New York State that provides the highest level of multi-disciplinary medical care and rehabilitation for children with complex medical illnesses and conditions. Working collaboratively in an environment that fosters excellence, our goal is to improve each patient’s overall health, independence and quality of life, as well as provide hope to patients and families through superior outcomes—without regard to religion, race or ability to pay.

Our Vision
As the pre-eminent specialty children’s hospital in the New York Metropolitan area, we change the lives of children and their families by serving higher acuity patients with a variety of special healthcare needs.

Our Core Values
Relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in everything we do.
Interdisciplinary team work centered around providing the best results for our patients.
Compassion shown to patients and their families by every employee.
Determined optimism.

Programs & Services
Blythedale’s expertise and resources provide medically fragile children with the best opportunities to maximize their potential and return to their families. To help children achieve this goal, the Hospital offers many services and programs to help children in all aspects of their recovery. Some of our key services and programs are highlighted below.
Ventilator Weaning
Traumatic And Acquired Brain Injury
Pre- and Post- Organ Transplants
High Tech Nutritional Support and Feeding Therapy
Burn and Wound Care
Complicated Trauma and Post-Surgical Orthopaedics
Childhood Cancers
Spinal Cord Disorders
Complex Pain Syndromes
Neuromuscular and Genetic Disorders
Child Life
Day Hospital Program
The Mount Pleasant-Blythedale Union Free School District


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