Children’s Law Center – Kentucky

Address: 1002 Russell Street
Covington, KY 41011
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The Children’s Law Center exists to protect and enhance the legal rights of children through quality legal representation, policy development, and training and education of attorneys and others regarding children’s rights issues. The Center currently provides direct services in Ohio and Kentucky, but collaborates with other organizations within the region and nationally on a variety of topics.
Provides free legal services for children with educational disabilities, and also do research and policy work, training and education in this area. The Children’s Law Center is a unique organization which was created out of the identified need for increased legal advocacy for children.  While the field of children’s advocacy has somewhat expanded since the Center’s inception, we recognize that continued emphasis on why children are different and how their individualized needs should be addressed should serve as the core of our approach to service delivery.  
The Children's Law Center provides legal Attorneys to represent young people in a variety of legal and administrative proceedings including child abuse and neglect matters, special education and other school issues, homelessness, juvenile justice issues, and "multi-system" cases. The Center’s lawyers are engaged in litigation at the trial court and appellate levels and in both federal and state courts as well as administrative forums. 
The Children’s Law Center uses research and innovative community-based initiatives to develop sound public policies for children in the legal and social service systems. The Center has been involved in research projects concerning the use of secure detention for juveniles, school crime and violence, and the right to counsel for child victims. Research projects are used as part of a broader effort to promote accountability among government agencies providing services to children.
The Center continually develops and reviews its programs to ensure that they meet the most prevalent needs of its clients. In addition, the Center has worked with other agencies, both in Kentucky and around the country, to develop and replicate successful projects that have improved the quality of advocacy services for children

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