Children’s Medical Assistance, Inc. – Las Vegas NV

Address: 1930 Village Center Circle, Suite 3-411
Las Vegas, NV 89134
Phone: (702) 823-4954 Fax: (702) 5868980 Email: Website:

The Children’s Medical Assistance, Inc. (CMA), was founded  in 2007.  Our decision to establish this non-profit was prompted after watching a local evening news segment about a 12 year old boy’s death, from an untreated, infective cavity. (Washington Post, February 28, 2007) Although this occurred in the state of Maryland, we felt the need to prevent this from ever happening again, particularly in Southern Nevada.

Our passion for the fair treatment of others, particularly children, prompted our decision to help the uninsured and underinsured children, primarily, in the State of Nevada.

Children's Medical Assistance, Inc believes, until every child has access to medical, dental and vision treatment,  we must do whatever we can to prevent another child’s death, especially, from something as minor as a dental cavity.Therefore, CMA’s Mission Statement is as follows:

To give the uninsured and underinsured children the opportunity to have the same medical care as the more fortunate, through community and professional partnerships.


Was Your Child's CP Preventable?