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Children’s Mercy is committed to providing service excellence and efficiency to everyone we serve. A not-for-profit hospital, we provide millions of dollars in charity care each year. Services include but are not limited to:

Child Life and Music Therapy – What is Music Therapy? – Services using music that are made and planned for each child and family’s needs; Specially chosen music and music tasks by a trained professional; Usually involves the use of both live vocal and instrumental music; Children can take an active role in making music.


Child Life and Music Therapy:

Phone: (816) 234-3757

Kohl’s and Children’s Mercy S.T.A.R. Power Program -A community outreach program providing classroom-based education and resources for Kansas City area schools, as well as public service announcements. The program content is presented in four interactive sessions throughout the school year:
Healthy Eating
Self Esteem


S.T.A.R. Power Program:

Classroom Topics & Activities

Developmental and Behavioral Sciences- Offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for children of all ages and their families. Our services address the developmental, psychiatric, psychological and family therapy needs and are provided in both inpatient and outpatient settings. We also offer supportive and diagnostic services chronically ill Children including:
Abdominal Pain Team
Cystic Fibrosis
Pain Team
Child Abuse and Neglect


Developmental and Behavioral Sciences:

Services, Locations & Contacts

Down Syndrome Clinic- serves as a consultative service and screening mechanism for children with Down syndrome from birth through adolescence, following the Health Care Guidelines created by the National Network of Medical Clinics for Children with Down syndrome.


Down Syndrome Clinic:

Phone: (816) 234.3771 / Toll Free: (866) 424.3771


Children's Mercy Comprehensive Epilepsy Center – One of only a dozen pediatric centers in the country, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center offers the most complex forms of intensive neurodiagnostics monitoring as well as extensive medical neuropsychological and psychosocial treatment.As a Level IV epilepsy center, Children's Mercy also offers a complete evaluation for non-pharmacological treatment modalities, including resection epilepsy surgery with intracranial electrodes and neurostimulator device implantation. The Children’s Mercy Comprehensive Epilepsy Center provides one of the largest and most successful ketogenic diet programs nationwide.


Comprehensive Epilepsy Center:

Phone: (816) 983-6926

Pediatric Neurology – strives to improve the lives of children with neurological disorders through the integration of evidence-based clinical care, education and research. Our family centered and interdisciplinary approach is designed to encourage parents and families to make informed decisions while promoting health, optimal function, and quality of life in children with neurological disorders.


Pediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic:

Phone: (816) 234.3490

Clinical Services & Locations

Home Care – is a highly cost-effective means of providing our patients continuity of care following inpatient stays and often in lieu of hospitalization. We are recognized throughout our service area for our expertise in pediatric home health nursing, infusion therapy and high-tech pediatric services for infants, children and adolescents. Children’s Mercy Home Care provides well-mother/newborn follow-up (for mothers under 18 years of age) and high-risk newborn services. In addition, we offer speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and medical social work services. In fact, we are the only full service pediatric home health agency in the region.


Home Care:

Kansas Branch: (913) 696-8999


Physical and Occupational Therapy- strives to promote the health and well being of children in the region from birth through adolescence. Inpatient and outpatient services include evaluations and treatment and remediation programs in the following areas:
Aquatic Therapy
Developmental Therapy
Gross Motor
Fine Motor
Ambulation Training
Feeding and Oral Pharyngeal Motility Studies (OPMs)
Sensory Integrationswing
Sports Rehabilitation
Isokinectic Evaluation and Treatment Isokinetic Treatment
Manual Therapy
Seating and Adaptive Equipment


Physical and Occupational Therapy:

Phone: (816) 234-3380

Rehabilitation Medicine- Children’s Mercy Hospital offers comprehensive inpatient pediatric rehabilitation services to children who experience injuries involving the brain or spinal cord, or other conditions that result in disability. We treat functional issues related to brain tumors, orthopedic interventions, infectious processes and anoxic injury. Team members include rehabilitation physicians, fellows, residents, a nurse practitioner, a neuropsychologist, physical and occupational therapy, hearing and speech therapy, nutrition, child life, chaplaincy, school, music therapy, and social work.


Rehabilitation Medicine: Special Care Clinic

Phone: (816) 234.3970


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