Churchill Center & School for Learning Disabilities

Address: 1021 Municipal Center Drive
Town & Country, MO 63131
Phone: (314) 997-4343 Email: Website:


"Each year, thousands of American children of average and above-average intelligence fail to learn to read, write and spell. Many of these high-potential children are diagnosed as having a specific learning disability. This disability occurs despite conventional instruction, a culturally adequate home, proper motivation, and normal hearing and vision.
We believe these bright children can be academically successful with the proper educational help. 
Our intense remedial program is structured to help the child return to a traditional classroom in as short a time as possible. Children typically attend Churchill for about three years. We admit children in elementary and middle school. A daily 1:1 tutorial is the heart of our individualized multi-sensory approach.
A learning disability needn’t be an obstacle to success. Our alumni pursue successful careers as attorneys, mechanical engineers, teachers (including Churchill teachers), entrepreneurs, professional photographers, professional dancers, actors and more.
In fact, most of the photos you see on this website were captured by award-winning photographer and Churchill alum Sean Gilligan. Sean attended Churchill in 1984/1985 and later attended Kansas City Art Institute. He now makes his home in Portland, Oregon. Sean flew back to St. Louis to conduct the photo shoot as his way of giving back to the school that has been so instrumental to his success. Our Mission at Churchill Center & School is to give high potential children with learning disabilities the finest, individualized, remedial education and the support they need to achieve and return to a traditional classroom and…
To foster greater understanding and support for all people with learning disabilities by training other educators, supporting our families and enlightening the community."

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