CLC Network – Christian Learning Center

Address: 4340 Burlingame Ave. SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
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CLC Network, also known as the Christian Learning Center, has a proud history of pioneering inclusive education in Christian schools. Today, we draw on more than 35 years of special education experience and 25 years of inclusive education to create inclusive communities across North America.

The Christian Learning Center (now doing business as CLC Network) was founded in 1979 in order to fill in for a lack of non-public, religiously affiliated school services in the greater Grand Rapids community for students with disabilities

Why CLC Network Evaluations?
We are certified school psychologists ready to help unlock your student’s strengths and weaknesses, be they learning disabilities, cognitive impairments, or academic talents.

Types of Evaluations
School Evaluations identify recurring themes in a students’ learning profile by gathering multiple perspectives: teachers, parents, students, and test scores. All of this culminates in an Individual Student Plan (similar to an Individual Education Plan/IEP) meeting at your school between school faculty, parents, and the CLC Network school psychologist, as well as a complete written report and recommendations. School evaluations are arranged through a Member School and must be requested by school staff.

Private Evaluations provide specificity around your child’s learning strengths and challenges. We can work with or without the partnership of your child’s teacher, and the result is a debriefing with parents. These are typically conducted at the CLC Network central offices in Wyoming, Michigan.

Distance Consultations are a flexible model for building consensus among school staff and parents for a child’s future. We use videoconferencing technology, as well as testing results, to discuss a child’s strengths as a learner in their environment. Although we do not diagnose without meeting a child, we will provide a written consultation summary upon completion.

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