Client Assistance Program (CAP) – Louisiana

Address: 1010 Common Street, Suite 2600
New Orleans, LA 70112-2112
Phone: (504) 522-2337 Website:

 The Client Assistance Program (CAP) provides free assistance to persons seeking services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, including clients and client applicants of Louisiana Rehabilitation Services and American Indian Rehabilitation Services.
CAP seeks to assist clients and client applicants in understanding all of their benefits under the Rehabilitation Act.

Services Include:

  • Information and referral, which provides information regarding legal rights and referrals to service providers
  • Support groups and other advocacy agencies
  • Education and training, which provides training to clients, family members and other professionals on self-advocacy, the LRS/AIRS appeals process, and other LRS/AIRS issues, including eligibility requirements, policies, procedures, client rights, and services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act
  • Systems advocacy, which improves the LRS and AIRS systems by identifying system-wide problems and making recommendations to improve agency performance and ensure the protection of client rights
  • Individual case advocacy, which provides services including advice, consultation, negotiation, mediation, advocacy, instruction, and/or representation at administrative and court proceedings (priority is given to clients in greatest need and those unable to self-advocate).

To be eligible for CAP services, an individual must be a Louisiana resident; AND have a physical and/or mental disability; AND be seeking, receiving or denied services authorized under the Rehabilitation Act (such as Louisiana Rehabilitation Services [LRS], American Indian Rehabilitation Services [AIRS], Independent Living or Supported Employment Services).


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