CloverPatch Early Childhood Services – NEW YORK

Address: 314 South Manning Boulevard
Glenville, NY 12208
Phone: (518) 437-5662 Website:

CloverPatch Early Childhood Services provides evaluation, intervention, preschool classes, and after school programs to children with special needs.  Our team of experts, consisting of special education teachers, therapists, psychologists and social workers provide children, from birth to age 5, with a unique educational experience based on the students’ individual needs.

With a variety of locations in and around the Capital Region, you're certain to find the specialized services your child needs at CloverPatch.

Programs and Services Include:

After School/Vacation Respite Program
Assistive Technology
Early Intervention Services

Home and Community Services
Inclusion Opportunities
Language Intensive & Special Classrooms
Occupational Therapy
Music Therapy
Physical Therapy

Psychology Services
Preschool Services
Special Education Instruction

Speech and Language Services
Therapeutic Pool

Main Phone #s:
Albany: (518) 437-5662
Amsterdam (including Gloversville): (518) 842-9956
Glenville: (518) 384-3009
After School/Vacation Respite Programs: (518) 437-5540



314 So. Manning Blvd., Albany, NY 12208
8 Kopernick Blvd., Amsterdam, NY 12010
56 East Blvd., Gloversville, NY 12078
140 Co. Highway 101, Gloversville, NY 12078
55 Helping Hand Lane, Glenville, NY 12302

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