Coalville Health Center

Address: 142 south 50 East
Coalville, UT 84017
Phone: (435) 336-4403 Website:

Coalville Health Center is a full access primary care provider offering the following services:

Provides full access primary care with a focus on prevention.
Coordinates and assist with full spectrum specialty and emergency care 24/7.
Provides needed medical support/supervision to the community.

Provider Information:
Drs. Allen, Iverson and Rodier are Board Certified Family Physicians

Jeanette Vernon, Duke Gibson and Melinda Roalstad are Board Certified Physician Assistants.

Dr. Allen and Dr. Iverson provide in-patient care to clinic patients.

Dr. Allen has an emphasis in Addiction Treatment and hospice care.

Melinda Roalstad has an emphasis in Concussion Management.

Dr. Rodier has an emphasis in Nutritional Medicine.

Jeanette Vernon has an emphasis in Botox and Acne.

Additional Services Include:
X-rays, lab capabilities, injections, procedures including vasectomy, IUD placement, skin biopsies, casting, and splinting.

All providers – full service family medicine: Including pediatrics, woman's health, adolescent and adult medicine and sports medicine.

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