Communication Clubhouse, Inc.

Address: 2901 Finley Road, Suite 102
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Phone: (630) 495-6800 Email: Website:

Communication Clubhouse is comprised of a multi-disciplinary, integrated team of professionals who empower parents to enhance the lives of their family members through speech therapy, occupational therapy, evaluations, counseling/behavioral therapy, and more.

It is the mission of the Clubhouse to celebrate a client’s strengths while fortifying them in their areas of need. We do this through partnership with the family.

This pediatric therapy clinic is the realization of a professional dream — a center where families can help their children grow with pride and confidence. Founded by Susan Raad, M.A. CCC, a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist with over 35 years of experience, the Clubhouse embodies the philosophy that communication is the cornerstone of human interaction. As the mother of special needs children, founder Susan Raad knows it takes a joint effort, combining the talents of highly trained professionals and family members to guide children in reaching their potential.

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