Community Inclusion Through Technology, International, (the CITTI Project)

Address: 101 East State Street, #157
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone: (607) 217-6264 Email: Website:

The CITTI Project addresses social injustices experienced by people with disabilities in the developing world. A widespread perception persists that people with disabilities are helpless, incapable, and a permanent burden to society. These perceptions contribute to continued prejudice and discrimination.

The mission of Community Inclusion Through Technology, International, (the CITTI Project), is to change assumptions and beliefs about people with disabilities in developing countries by building capacity in communities to create economic, sustainable adaptations, enabling people to participate in life situations, at home, school, and in the workforce. 

  • Cultural and informational exchanges with disability-related organizations and schools;
  • to  create adaptations, making it more cost-effective and sustainable;
  • Provides adaptation workshops, which train teachers, occupational and physical therapists, adults with disabilities, and family members to create their own adaptations;
  • Builds resources such as adaptations libraries, a ramp into a school, and an accessible community garden;
  • Distributes information resources developed and published by CITTI Project volunteers along with the communities served.


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