Community Integration Services – Aquatic Therapy Specialists

Address: 704 228th Avenue NE, Suite 745
Sammamish, WA 98074
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Community Integration Services provides aquatic experiences for people of all ages who have special developmental or physical needs including all spectrums of Autism. We help our clients access community pool facilities for recreation, rehabilitation,swimming and general fitness. Through adaptive equipment, personalized instructions, and the healing powers of the water, our clients experience greater independence and enjoyment of life. Why Water Therapy? Participants of Warm water aquatics have shown improved function more rapidly than traditional land therapies. Water helps reduce inflammation, and decreases pressure on injured joints while increasing blood circulation, allowing an injured area to be exercised sooner. Children are more comfortable in warm water and therefore more willing to try new skills. Water resistance and warm temperatures relaxes muscles, thereby reducing spasticity and pain. With water therapy, tolerance of exercise is greatly increased; participants exercise more frequently and get well quicker! Due to physical properties of water, people can exercise and move in ways not possible on land.

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