Community Partnership for Child Development/Head Start

Address: 2330 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Phone: (719) 635-1536 Website:

Why Early Childhood Education?
Right now, 12,773 children in El Paso County are living in poverty. These children are more likely to later drop out of school, commit crimes, become teen parents and depend on public assistance. This can all be changed with an early childhood education and family support. Investing in children birth to age five will make sure El Paso County has a bright future.
Who We Are:
Community Partnership for Child Development provides more than 1,900 children living in poverty or challenged by special circumstances with an early childhood education through Head Start, Early Head Start and the Colorado Preschool Program. But we aren’t just a free preschool. Our additional health, dental and family support services ensure that we bring out the best in the children and families who enroll.

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?