Community School

Address: 1135 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666
Phone: (201) 862-1796 Fax: (201) 8621791 Website:

For more than 40 years it has been our pleasure at the Community School to help children with learning disabilities and attention deficits become independent learners and excel both academically and socially. We have dedicated our program to providing a complete academic experience for all of our students, and at the same time, we are committed to making sure that our student's learning experiences extend beyond academics.

Our dedicated faculty focuses on each student's needs and provides individual attention that challenges and inspires students to reach new levels. Our teachers are experienced, energetic and caring.

Each year, our goal is to assure that the excellent education we offer at Community School is stronger than ever. Collectively, we are committed to our mission- that each and every one of our students can excel and that all of them deserve the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

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