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Since 1868, St. John’s Community Services’ role as a nonprofit, human service agency has been to develop creative ways to support people with disabilities as well as the communities in which they live.


Education Services (Children's Services) –  located in classrooms in the District of Columbia Public Schools, is provided to school-aged children 4 to 22 with autism, intellectual disabilities, learning and other disabilities. SJCS promotes opportunities for interaction with peers without disabilities in a safe and supportive environment. Children study academic subjects, learn life and vocational skills, and participate in community activities supported by highly trained staff.  Older students participate in work study to gain job skills for future employment.   


Community Living Services (Residential Services) – People with disabilities and their families receive support to find suitable living accommodations, including houses or apartments in their chosen communities. Staffing in the residences is provided according to the need of the person and can vary from drop-in to 24-hour care.  People are encouraged to participate in the management and care of their home and in their community. In-Home Support is also available to enable people to remain in their natural home environments. 


Community Participation Services (Adult Day Services) – Unlike many traditional adult day services, SJCS's Community Participation is a “program without walls.”  People with disabilities participate in their communities by developing relationships, skills, abilities and an improved sense of personal value.  SJCS staff support their participation in activities such as shopping, banking and using library services.  Participants can also choose to volunteer in their community while building a resume for future employment


Employment Services – SJCS supports people with disabilities to develop a career path and acquire and retain competitive employment. SJCS Employment Specialists provide each person job coaching and on-the-job training and support, while employers and co-workers are supported to work effectively with new employees. By working with SJCS, individuals and employers have benefitted from successful experiences in a variety of settings including retail, government and nonprofit agencies. 


In Home Services – SJCS-VA In-Home Services provides periodic support to adults with intellectual, developmental and other disabilities so that they may live independently in their own home or the home of their family in the community.  The services provided, which may range from training on activities of daily living to utilizing community resources, are thoughtfully designed based on the needs and wishes of the individual supported and, where appropriate, his or her caregiver. 


Consulting Services – SJCS actively supports local and national organizations to develop programs, pursue strategic directions, incorporate innovation and meet the challenges of the ever changing human services environment.  SJCS’ client-focused approach tailors its services to help organizations assess their needs and apply sound strategic planning and evaluation for long-term stability and growth. 


St. John’s Locations and Services:


St. John's Community Services-DC

2201 Wisconsin Avenue, NW- Suite 120

Washington, DC  20007

Phone: (202) 274-3459

Toll Free: (800) 869-3393

Fax: (202) 337-5459


Services at this location:

Education Services             

Community Living (Residential) Services

Employment Services

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Community Participation (Day) Services


St. John's Community Services-PA

Riverview Place

520 North Delaware Avenue, Suite 301

Philadelphia, PA  19123

Phone: (215) 451-5053

Fax: (215) 451-5073


Services at this location:

Employment Services

Community Participation (Day) Services


Tennessee Locations:

St. John's Community Services-TN

7891 Stage Hills Road, Suite 116

Bartlett, TN  38133

Phone: (901) 384-3645

Fax: (901) 385-9450


St. John's Community Services-TN

49 Conrad Drive

Jackson, TN  38305

Phone: (731) 984-7255

Fax: (731) 984-7250 Fax


Services offered at these locations:

Community Living (Residential) Services

Community Participation (Day) Services

Employment Services


Virginia Locations:

St. John's Community Services-VA

7611 Little River Turnpike, Suite 404 West

Annandale, VA  22003

Phone: (703) 914-2755

Fax: (703) 914-5437


St. John's Community Services-VA

821-J South King Street

Leesburg, VA 20175

Phone: (703) 779-7684

Fax: (703) 779-7476


Services offered at these locations:

Community Living (Residential) Services

Community Participation (Day) Services

Employment Services

In-Home Services 


St. John’s Community Services Main Office:


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