Comprehensive Therapy Center – Grand Rapids Michigan

Address: 2505 Ardmore SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506
Phone: (616) 559-1054 Fax: (616) 559-1056 Email: Website:

Comprehensive Therapy Center’s mission is to meet the therapeutic and educational needs of people with disabilities through skill building, academic enhancement and social emotional support. We help people walk, talk, learn and play – so they can read, write and work. We offer speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and sensory integration and motor therapies.

Therapy and Fun, our award-winning summer outreach program and our school-based special education services help more than 300 children with special needs each year.

Therapy and Fun Summer Program
Therapy and Fun is a relaxed, integrated, and intensive program that achieves maximum therapeutic progress for children ages one to fourteen years old. Comprehensive Therapy Center’s staff includes speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, school social workers, school psychologists, teacher consultants, and special education teachers.

Services Include:
Speech-Language Pathology
Occupational and Physical Therapies
Educational and Psychological Services
Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Accent Modification
Special Education Services
Tutoring for Academic Success
Individual Therapy Sessions
Classes Family Literacy Programs

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