Computer Banc – Computer Refurbishing Non-profit Organization

Address: 1023 E. Washington Street
Springfield, IL 62703
Phone: (217) 528-9506 Website:

Computer Banc's primary mission is to provide children who are academically at-risk with computer access at home. As a secondary mission, we also provide technology for other not-for-profits and schools. Not-for-profits we serve are encouraged to offer their clients the opportunity to receive technology from CB.  Computer Banc has placed almost 3000 computers as of July 2010.


Since its inception in 1999, Computer Banc has served school-age children, specifically students in grades K-12.  A year ago an additional service was established: providing college-aged students with refurbished laptop computers.  Since laptops are not always available, the core service of providing desktop computers has been expanded to include all students in grades K-14. While this may seem a small change, we are now able to serve the large number of calls we receive from college students — providing laptop computers or desktop computers depending on need and availability.  In order to further enhance both programs, Computer Banc is actively seeking business-class laptops to refurbish for this program — if you know of any businesses with computers to donate (or to receive a computer) please call Computer Banc's office at 217.528.9506.

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