Connections: Rhode Island Developmental Disabilities Council

Address: 400 Bald Hill Road, Suite 515
Warwick, RI 02886
Phone: (401) 737-1238 Fax: (401) 7373395 Email: Website:

Mary Okero – Executive Director

Council members and staff believe that people with developmental disabilities should fully participate in community life. Men, women and children should be able to enjoy family life. Children and adolescents should go to school. Adults should work. All should have decent homes, friends and live as independently as possible. Council members bring together many different ideas, views, and skills. From their own life stories, people with disabilities and family members share how to make services and every day life better — not only for themselves, but for others with disabilities. Agency members share the views and experiences of their agencies. They also let their agencies know about what the Council is doing. Most of the Council's work is done through committees., At committee meetings, Council members work to solve problems and oversee Council activities, such as research and training projects. At these meetings Council members and associate members make decisions by voting.


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