Cook Vision Therapy Center

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Our Services:
We specialize in vision therapy to coordinate the eyes and brain for reading, learning, attention, comfort, self-esteem, cosmetically aligned eyes, driving, or sports. We do not provide routine eye exams, fit contact lenses, dispense glasses or see eye emergencies. We refer for these services. Instead, 100 percent of our attention and effort is centered on vision therapy:
• VISION THERAPY EVALUATION: How are the seven visual abilities affecting comfort, cosmetic appearance, and performance for school, work, driving or sports?
• DYSLEXIA AND VISION EVALUATION: Our vision therapy evaluation expanded and tailored specifically for reading problems. Is it a vision problem, dyslexia, or both? What steps will make reading more teachable, comfortable, and enjoyable?
• CONVERGENCE INSUFFICIENCY: Headaches, eye-strain, blurred or double vision for reading and computer work even though a routine eye exam has found that your eyes are normal or your glasses are correct.
• STRABISMUS (CROSSED EYES): For school-age children and adults–straight eyes, improved 3D vision for school, work, sports, or driving.
• AMBLYOPIA (LAZY EYE): Patching-free treatment for children and adults— improved acuity in the lazy eye AND improved 3D vision and performance when both eyes are open.
• 3D VISION: NIGHT DRIVING: No more panic attacks! See the signs, road, and other cars for safety and peace of mind.
• ADHD & ATTENTION: Visual Problems masquerading as or magnifying attention problems

Dr. Cook received residency training in vision therapy for those with CP at United Cerebral Palsy in New York City. Over half of the children with cerebral palsy have eyes that noticeably cross, drift or wander (Strabismus). If the eyes drift only part of the time, vision therapy may help with such cosmetically noticeable eye-muscle coordination problems.

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?