Coralwood School and Diagnostic Center

Address: 2477 Coralwood Drive
Decatur, GA 30033
Phone: (678) 874-6002 Website:

Coralwood is a DeKalb County public school that serves students in preschool through kindergarten. This school serves typically developing students and students with special needs. Specialists such as OT, PT, vision and speech are assigned to the facility to support our students' needs, and all therapies are provided in the classrooms.

The mission of Coralwood School is to educate in a safe, nurturing environment. Students attending Coralwood participate in an inclusion model that allows various time segments to be spent in an integrated skill setting. These segments can be the equivalent of thirty minutes twice weekly up to full-program inclusion in a general education setting with interrelated assistance for students with special needs.

The area of fine arts is accentuated to unify the total school program. Special emphasis is given to the area of performing arts. We provide a caring, cheerful learning environment that maximizes each child's potential. Come visit us. We are truly special!

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