CP Rochester

Address: 3399 S. Winton Road,
Rochester,, NY 14623
Phone: (585) 334-6000 Fax: (716) 3342036 Website: http://www.cprochester.org

CP Rochester exists to support people with physical and developmental disabilities in choosing and accomplishing successive individualized life goals. We do this by providing a wide range of services to people of all ages in the greater Rochester area.



Outpatient Clinic Services

Accessible Home Renovations

Community Recreation

CSS: Self Determination

Day Habilitation

Dental Clinic

Family Support Grants

Free Standing Respite Home

Residential Services

Community Services

Service Coordination

Shared Ski Adventures

Traumatic Brain Injury Services

Assistive Technology Services

Pediatric Therapy Services

Augustin Children's Center

European Pediatric Physical Therapy


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Elmwood – Dental Clinic

1000 Elmwood Ave., Door #7
Rochester, NY  14620
Phone: (585) 402 – 7448


Al Sigl Elmwood

Community Services Department
1000 Elmwood Ave. Suite #900

Rochester, NY  14620
Phone: (585) 295-1587


Winton Office Location:

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