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Access of the Red River Valley


Access is a private not-for-profit agency (501c3) that was incorporated in 1987 to provide a variety of services to individuals who have disabilities. Crisis Respite Services provide short-term care and crisis intervention in the home of a person with developmental disabilities receiving care or services.
Our mission is to provide care and to support children and adults in their right to lead dignified, independent lives in the community
The person must be on a Developmental Disabilities waiver and live at home to qualify for services.
This service enables the person to continue living at home when their caregiver is having a temporary crisis by providing the caregiver with needed support and resources.
Crisis Respite Services include in-home short-term care and crisis intervention through agencies licensed by the Department of Human Services.
Access currently has over 170 employees providing both professional case management and direct care to adults and children who live in the area. All of us at Access of the Red River Valley are proud of the support we give our clients that enhances each person's independence and ability to live meaningfully and successfully in the community
In-Home Services:
Contact Bill Smith, Services Director
Access provides residential, school or daycare-based, and community-based services to individuals who have developmental disabilities, mental illness, and other related conditions. We support each person's right to lead a dignified independent life. All services provided by Access are focused on this important commitment
At Home Services: Caregiver respite; Case management
Client Conveniences: 24-hour on-site staff; Caregiver respite
Payment: Developmental Disabilities Waiver (DD)
Personal Care: Care for daily living and grooming needs
Regulated Services: Residential Services (Rule 245B) for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Service Availability: 24 hours
Specialized Cognitive Care Program: Developmental disability
Type of Client Preferred: Developmentally disabled


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