DDD Foundation, Inc – Dentistry for the Developmentally Disabled

Address: 52 Executive Park South, Suite 5203
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: (404) 942-0089 Fax: (404) 9420088 Email: twhite@dddfoundation.org Website: http://www.dddfoundation.org/

The DDD Foundation, Inc. is committed to promoting and maintaining good oral health for patients with developmental disabilities. Founded as a non-profit organization in 1999, the Foundation supports a dental clinic that solely treats patients having developmental disabilities. The clinic opened in May 2002 and it is the only clinic of its kind in the Atlanta metro area. With a dedicated team of professionals trained in serving patients with special needs, the clinic serves patients with developmental disabilities including autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis. The DDD Foundation’s primary goal is to provide excellent and accessible dental care for a population that often faces enormous barriers to affordable care.

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