Developmental Assessment & Intervention Center (DIAC)

Address: 83 Adams Street
Bedford Hills,, NY 10507
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Our mission is to help parents, educators, and other specialists better understand a child's special needs through psychoeducational testing, and to develop his or her unique Learning Profile. DAIC uses psycho-educational testing to identify a child's learning weaknesses and strengths and helps implement useful strategies for improved performance. Our aim is to identify children with special needs and help parents/guardians implement useful remedies. These children are at risk of experiencing academic failure as well as emotional and/or physical distress due to misidentification or misunderstanding of their particular issues. To ease the burden on parents, DAIC also offers oversight of the child's remediation until it is well underway. This 'case management service' ("The DAIC Approach", detailed below) is a unique feature DAIC provides to help ensure the child's future success.

We address specific disorders, areas of concern and giftedness that impact academic, social and emotional development using psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing including:
Learning Disabilities • Anxiety Disorders Giftedness • Attention Deficit Disorders, Communication Difficulties • Pervasive Developmental Disorder • Asperger's Disorder Behavior Problems • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Oppositional Defiant Disorder and a host of other issues.
DAIC also offers:
Individual, Family and Group Therapy & Corrective Strategies that work. …guided by caring, expert, child specialists.
Ages 0 and up.


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