Developmental Disabilities Council, Michigan

Address: 1033 S. Washington Avenue
Lansing,, MI 48910
Phone: (517) 334-6123 Website:,1607,7-132-2941_4868_4897-14626--,00.html

The vision of the Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council is that all citizens of Michigan have the opportunities and supports to achieve their full potential. (Adopted June 9, 1998). Our mission is to support people with developmental disabilities to achieve life dreams.

Among the council's tasks and activities are:
to act as an advocate for people with developmental disabilities, as a strong voice working on behalf of those citizens; and to increase access to appropriate treatment, services and habilitation for such disabilities. Objectives of this advocacy include supporting and encouraging people to take control of their lives through community-wide, results-oriented action.

to channel federal funds, in the form of grants, where they can do the most good and carry out the Five-Year Strategic State Plan. The grants are awarded to state and local agencies and organizations (grantees) in Michigan. These state and local groups create programs and services that support people with developmental disabilities and the objectives of the DD Council. Programs and services that receive council grants are monitored for their productivity and results. These programs lead to independence, community inclusion and productivity for Michigan citizens with developmental disabilities.

to maintain and financially support a very effective system of local networking groups across the state known as "regional interagency consumer committees," or RICCs. Each RICC — there are 43 of them — offers lines of communication and information to local agencies that support people with developmental disabilities. Members of the RICCs come from these local groups, thus solidifying objectives and insuring results. to work together with other human service agencies to assist persons with developmental disabilities and to help carry out Council responsibilities set forth in the Developmental Disabilities Act.

The Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council (DD Council) is a group of 21 Michigan citizens. Members are appointed to the Council by the governor. They come from across the state and are:

people with disabilities; family members, mentors, guardians and advocates of people with disabilities; and professionals from state and local agencies who assist people with developmental disabilities.

Members operate the Council by: providing advice and consent to its committees and staff. People throughout Michigan depend on the DD Council getting results, and its members work diligently on behalf of those people.

The Council holds public meetings throughout the year, generally in the Lansing area.

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