Developmental Disability Organization, Sedgwick County (SCDDO) – KS

Address: 615 N. Main
Wichita,, KS 67203
Phone: (316) 660-7630 Fax: (316) 6604911 Email: Website:

Sedgwick County Developmental Disability Organization is the community developmental disability organization for Sedgwick County, Kansas. SCDDO is the agency that ensures support and services are available for children and adults with developmental disabilities. As the SCDDO, we are a one-stop resource and "point of entry" for services available to individuals and families with developmental disability needs.

Although SCDDO is not a service provider, we do contract with the state of Kansas to ensure services are available locally. We have "affiliate" relationships with other Community Service Providers in Sedgwick County to ensure that a wide range of essential services are available to all eligible individuals. Here's what SCDDO does for families in Sedgwick County:

Acts as a central point of application and information for families exploring services

Determines eligibility for program funding

Maintains a network of service providers

Reviews requests for service funding

Manages local, state and federal funding

Monitors services for quality assurance purposes

Provides public awareness of developmental disability issues


Please visit our website or Contact Us for more information:

TTY: (316) 660-4893


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