Dillon School District #10 – Montana

Address: 22 North Cottom
Dillon, MT 59725
Phone: 406-683-4311 Fax: 406-683-4312 Email: NO EMAIL Website: http://www.dillonschools.org/

The mission of School District #10 is to serve the educational needs of all children; recognizing the individual differences that exist among them, the different stages of their social and emotional development, and their need for consistency throughout the learning process. The goal of the district administration team is to assure that these needs are being met and that every child has the opportunity to succeed. We work for the patrons of the district and our doors are always open.

Call for an appointment anytime.

Glen A. Johnson, Ed. D. Superintendent

Randy Shipman
Dillon Middle School Principal

Greg Fitzgerald
Parkview Principal

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