Disability Rights Advocates

Address: 2001 Center Street, Fourth Floor
Berkeley, CA 94504-1204
Phone: (510) 665-8644 Email: general@dralegal.org Website: http://dralegal.org/contact-us/

DRA is a non-profit legal center whose mission is to ensure dignity, equality, and opportunity for people with all types of disabilities throughout the United States and worldwide. DRA's national advocacy work includes high-impact class action litigation on behalf of people with all types of disabilities, including mobility, hearing, vision, learning and psychological disabilities. Through negotiation and litigation, DRA has made thousands of facilities throughout the country accessible and has enforced access rights for millions of people with disabilities in many key areas of life, including access to technology, education, employment, transportation and health care. DRA also engages in non-litigation advocacy throughout the country, including research and education projects focused on opening up access to schools, the professions and health care. DRA publishes a variety of reports that provide information and guidance on disability rights and obligations of entities as well as statistics that address the status of people with disabilities.

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