Disability Rights Center of Arkansas

Address: 400 W. Capitol Ave., Suite 1200
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (800) 482-1174 Email: Info@DisabilityRightsAr.org Website: https://disabilityrightsar.org/

Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA) is the independent, private, nonprofit organization designated by the Governor of Arkansas to implement the federally funded and authorized Protection and Advocacy systems throughout the state. DRA services include information and referral, short-term assistance, technical assistance, legal representation, systemic advocacy, monitoring, and training. DRA services are provided free-of-charge. DRA is independent from state and local government.

Since 1977, DRA has been the designated protection and advocacy (P&A) organization for people with disabilities in Arkansas.

What is a Protection and Advocacy (P&A) Program?

Every state and U.S. territory has a P&A. Each one operates with grant funding from several federal agencies. Their purpose is to advocate for and protect the civil rights of persons with disabilities. To learn more, visit the National Disability Rights Network website.

  • DRA operates nine federally-funded programs. They enable us to advocate for and protect the rights of Arkansans with disabilities.
  • DRA is part of a nationwide network of legally-based disability rights agencies. These are mandated by Congress.
  • DRA provides legal and other advocacy services to all people with disabilities. We provide these services based on a system of priorities. We set these priorities each year.
  • DRA has the authority to enter any facility in Arkansas that provides care or treatment to persons with disabilities. This enables us to carry out our rights protection and advocacy activities.
  • DRA services are available statewide.
  • DRA provides services at no charge to clients.

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