Disability Services Department (DDS), DC

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The Mission of the Department on Disability Services is to provide innovative, high quality services that enable people with disabilities to lead meaningful and productive lives as vital members of their families, schools, workplaces and communities in every neighborhood in the District of Columbia. The Department on Disability Services (DDS) is composed of two Administrations that oversee and coordinate services for residents with disabilities through a network of private and non-profit providers.  The Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) and The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).


Developmental Disabilities Administration: The (DDA) ensures that residents with intellectual disabilities receive the services and supports they need to lead self-determined and valued lives in the community.



Outreach, Intake and Eligibility: DDA conducts outreach activities in the schools, neighborhoods, other government agencies and with community groups to inform and educate District residents about available services and supports. The Intake and Eligibility services unit also assists applicants in finding other community resources and in making applications to other government and community services and resources.


Intermediate Care Facilites for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID): DDA manages admissions to an ICF/ID, defined by the District as a home where four to six individuals live requiring an institutional level of care, typically persons with significant medical support needs.


Quality Management Program: DDA operates an on-going program of quality assurance and improvement over the District’s overall Developmental Disabilities Services system. DDA is responsible for implementing a comprehensive quality management system to ensure timely access to services, person-centered planning and service delivery, qualified providers, protection of rights and protection from harm, quality health outcomes, satisfaction with services and deterrence of fraud and abuse.


Provider Technical Assistance: DDA provides technical assistance to the provider network to help new providers navigate District requirements and business processes. In addition, DDA works with existing providers to help resolve problems, introduce new policy requirements, and support continuous quality improvement in provider performance.


Person-Centered Planning: Person-centered planning is a process-oriented approach to empowering people with disability labels. The focus is on the people and their needs by putting them in charge of defining the direction for their lives, not on the systems that may or may not be available to serve them. Ultimately, this approach leads to greater inclusion as valued members of both the community and society.


Please viist the DDA webpage for more information:



Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA): provides services for eligible persons with physical or mental impairments. These services are designed to enable you to prepare for, obtain, maintain, or regain employment.


Independent Living

The RSA Independent Living program assists eligible disabled individuals to live as independently as possible by coordinating a variety of services necessary to perform all activities of daily living.

Randolph Sheppard

The Randolph Sheppard Vending Facility Program (RSVFP) provides entrepreneurial opportunities to individuals with visual impairments.


Supported Employment

The RSA Supported Employment (SE) program assists VR clients who require on-going supports to maintain competitive employments have access to the services and support necessary to work in their communities.


Vocational Rehabilitation

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program (VR) provides individually tailored service and job training to people with disabilities who want to work.


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