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Address: 148 Martine Avenue, Westchester County, Office for the Disabled - Room 102
White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: (914) 995-2957 Fax: (914) 9952799 Email: ehl2@westchestergov.com Website: http://disabled.westchestergov.com/

The Office for the Disabled is here to answer your questions, provide assistance or direct you to resources. The office maintains an online, comprehensive Disability Resource Guide to provide people with disabilities, their families and caregivers a convenient and accessible means of finding services throughout Westchester County.



Disability Resource Guide

Transit Info

  • Handicapped Pkg
  • Travel Training
  • ParaTransit

Medical Support

  • Sign Language
  • NY Connects Choices in Long Term Care  
  •  Medicaid Managed Care  
  • Developmental Disabilities  
  • Domestic Violence and the Disabled  
  • Autism Information  
  • Veterans’ Disability Benefits  


Other Resources

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TTY: (914) 995-7397

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