Division of Vocational Rehabilitation – Colorado Department of Human Services

Address: 1575 Sherman, 4th Floor
Denver, CO 80203
Phone: (303) 866-4150 Email: nancy.smith@state.co.us Website: http://www.dvrcolorado.com/

Offer a range of services designed to help people with disabilities become employed. We serve people age 16 and above.

"Colorado offers a strong, diverse workforce you may not even know about. These men and women have a range of skills and abilities, and they could really help your business grow – if you only knew where to find them.
DVR is committed to helping our employer partners find candidates who are skilled, loyal, and committed to your success. Even after placement, employers and employees get ongoing support from DVR's professional staff, including job training, guidance on the ADA regulations, and information on disability and employment guidelines. We can also help with financial incentives and facilitation of tax credits.
Across Colorado, too many workers with proven skills are currently left out of the workplace. As Colorado's leading placement organization for people with disabilities, DVR is working to change this by bridging talent and ability so companies and employees succeed."

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