Douglas Rides

Address: 1116 N G Avenue, Suite 5
Douglas, AZ 85607-1944
Phone: (520) 364-4474 Website:

Catholic Community Services (CCS) operates Douglas Rides, a deviated fixed route transit service in the City of Douglas, a commuter service called the Cochise Commuter operating round trip from Douglas through Bisbee to Sierra Vista, and a dial-a-ride service for passengers with special needs. The Douglas Rides service operates three routes that include Bay Acres, Pirtleville & SEAMC, and Midtown. CCS utilizes one 18 passenger bus and two 7 passenger vans for the Douglas Rides service and all vehicles are wheelchair accessible. The dial-a-ride service covers both the Douglas Rides and the Cochise Commuter service but requires a 24 Hour advance reservation. 

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