Dr. Dynasaur – Vermont State CHIP Program

Address: 103 S Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671
Phone: (800) 250-8427 Website: http://www.greenmountaincare.org/mabd

Dr. Dynasaur provides low-cost or free health coverage for children, teenagers under age 18 and pregnant women. Eligibility is based on household income and family size.  The number in the household can be any configuration of adults and children.  For example a 3-person household could include two parents and a child or one parent and two children.  In some cases insured children may also qualify for Dr. Dynasaur for an enhanced benefit. Benefits include doctor visits, prescription medicines, dental care, skin care, hospital visits, vision care, mental health care, immunizations and special services for pregnant women such as lab work and tests, prenatal vitamins and more. To apply, go to http://dcf.vermont.gov/mybenefits/apply_for_benefits. 

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?