Dworshak Elementary

Address: 102 East 19th Street
Burley, ID 83318
Phone: (208) 878-6615 Fax: (208) 8786342 Email: busirma@sd151.k12.id.us Website: http://sd151.k12.id.us/schools/Dworshak/index.html

At Dworshak Elementary, our mission is to begin the process to graduate proficient students. We will work as a collaborative team to ensure that proficient students are promoted.  Dworshak Elementary is under the Cassis School District and is located in Burley Idaho.  Dworshak Elementary is named after Senator Dworshak, thus our orginal mascot name, "The Senators." Senator Dworshak was a Representative and a Senator from Idaho.  

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