Eagle Ambulance Service

Address: PO Box 822
East Helena, MT 59635
Phone: (406) 441-9111 Email: eagle.helena@eagleambulanceservice.com Website: http://www.eagleambulanceservice.com/

Eagle Ambulance Service, Inc. started as a BLS emergency response group which has recently grown into a full ALS service. We have Critical Care Paramedics and Intermediate 99's that meet Northern Jefferson County's ALS needs with a number of Basics to round out our crews. We, also, provide standby for special events and specialize in long-distance medical transports. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet any of your emergency, standby or transport needs. Our Billings branch is staffed with responsible, fully-endorsed EMT-Basics, who also specialize in long-distance transports and providing emergency care for standby special events. Our mission at Eagle Ambulance is to provide prompt, professional emergency, pre-hospital and inter-facility transport care to our customers. Our goal is to provide a high standard of care by deploying highly skilled, and well-trained medical personnel in a timely manner. Eagle Ambulance’s top priority is its patients and the care we provide to them. Our medical staff strive to maintain a professional attitude, while putting patient care and privacy first. They are deployed under an ethical understanding of maintaining a patient’s discretion, while providing the information necessary to advanced healthcare providers. Through training, continuing education and advancements in EMS technology, Eagle Ambulance personnel are premier in providing emergency care in their community. Our services include: Emergency Response; Advanced Life Support; Basic Life Support; Neo-natal; Hospital to Hospital; Skilled Nursing Facilities; Assisted Living Facilities; Dialysis Patient Assistance; Long Distance Transport; Special Events; Care-in-waiting / Standby. 


Billings Office:

5825 Titan Avenue, Suite 5

Billings, MT 59102

Phone: 406-208-8918

Email: eagle.billings@eagleambulanceservice.com

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