Early Learning Center – The University of Delaware

Address: 489 Wyoming Road
Newark, DE 19176
Phone: (302) 831-6205 Email: ud-elc@udel.edu Website: http://www.elc.udel.edu/

At the Early Learning Center, we view early childhood education as the igniting of a spark in a child’s mind instead of an “empty glass” that needs to be filled. We believe children learn best when they are the key component in their own development and education. This means our curricula are designed to emphasize play and first-hand experiences that encourage curiosity and love of learning. Our ultimate goal is that through early intervention and education, each child will succeed in their future academic and life endeavors. Most importantly though, children will have the chance to be children, ask and answer their own questions, discover the world through touch, movement, and be surrounded in an environment that is designed around their interests and needs.

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