Early On Training & Technical Assistance, CCRESA (MI)

Address: 13109 Schavey Road,, Suite 4
Dewitt,, MI 48220
Phone: (517) 668-0185 Website: http://eotta.ccresa.org/index.php

Early On® Training and Technical Assistance (EOT&TA), an Innovative Project of Clinton County RESA, offers personnel development to Michigan's early intervention service providers and parents. In particular, EOT&TA supports personnel in the 57 service areas throughout Michigan who provide services to infants and toddlers through Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), known as Early On® Michigan.

.EOT&TA will provide training and technical assistance to interagency providers of early intervention services and local interagency coordinating councils. Our focus is to develop leadership skills, strengthen qualifications, encourage and support expertise that will enhance families' abilities to support the growth and development of their infants and toddlers with special needs.

Early On® Training and Technical Assistance will embody the principles of mutual collaboration to foster a responsive environment of openness and flexibility, creating the best possible system of training and technical assistance. EOT&TA will support, inspire and build competency in early interventionists so they may work in partnership with families to address their needs and support their dreams.

EOT&TA is funded by IDEA through a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education to provide the comprehensive system of personnel development mandated by IDEA

EOT&TA's primary purpose is to assist service areas in complying with the federal regulations and state policy related to Early On® Michigan. EOT&TA provides support, information, and training related to Early On processes, child development, developmental assessment of infants and toddlers, early intervention strategies, and state and national initiatives.


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