East Feliciana Parish School System – Clinton Louisiana

Address: 12732 Silliman Street
Clinton, LA 70722
Phone: (225) 683-8277 Website: http://www.efpsb.k12.la.us/

East Feliciana Parish School Board is a school district headquartered in Clinton, Louisiana.
The district serves students in East Feliciana Parish.  Educational services are available for students with identified disabilities (special education and section 504 students). To receive special education or 504 services, the student is referred to the SBLC.  Following gathering of information and interventions, the student may qualify for section 504 accommodations and modifications under an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP).  Following a multidisciplinary evaluation process conducted by Pupil Appraisal, a student may qualify for special education services, including accommodations and modifications, under an Individual Education Program (IEP). 
Special Education staff includes an IEP Facilitator, and Elementary and Secondary Instructional Specialists.  Staff provides ongoing consultation and support in order to improve the quality of the educational experience for our students.
Homebound Services:
Students with chronic health conditions may receive homebound instruction if this is recommended by a physician.  A certified teacher works with the classroom teachers in gathering assignments and working with the student in the home setting.
Services for Students with Dyslexia:
Pre-K students with identified developmental disabilities are screened using the AEPS.  All schools conduct universal screenings three times per year in reading and math.  For those students who do not progress in the regular curriculum, further assessment using specific screening criteria is completed and interventions designed and implemented. 
Support Services:

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