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Peoria, IL 61603
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Easterseals provides exceptional services to ensure that people with disabilities and their families have equal opportunity to live, learn, work and play in their communities.  Our innovative programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and highly trained staff deliver results for the individuals we serve, and their families.  In FY 2011, 94% of the children we served made developmental progress and Easter Seal recorded 96% satisfaction among families and 97% among referral sources.

All treatment and intervention services at Easterseals are based on functional outcomes rather than delays or specific diagnoses.  Functional outcomes are clear statements about "real-life" skills that are written in family-friendly language and reflect the changes that families want to see for their children and themselves.  They are designed to maximize a child's practical skills (movement, feeding, dressing, communications, etc.) and his/her participation in family and community activities.  They provide a clear focus and direction for all our interventions.

Services Include:

Pediatric Therapy Services
Cerebral Palsy Services
Recreational Programming
Family Support Services
Childcare Decatur
Constraint Induced Movement Therapy(CIMT) – Research evidence from rigorous studies has demonstrated the effectiveness of CIMT to improve function and Easterseals is pleased to offer this specialized service. While there are various protocols for CIMT, Easterseals uses the following: 

Pre and post testing to determine appropriate treatment course and to assess the effectiveness of treatment. Use of a removable cast, wrap or sling on unaffected arm with a schedule for wearing the restraint.
Occupational therapy 2x per week for 60 min. sessions for a time period of 4 weeks.
Daily home programming consisting of structured and unstructured motor activities. Want to know more?
Contact our Peoria Service Center at 309.686.1177, or our Bloomington Center at 309.663.8275.

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