Easterseals Child Development Center of Northern Virginia

Address: 111 North Cherry Street
Falls Church, VA 22046
Phone: (702) 534-5353 Fax: (703) 5345355 Website: http://gwbr.easterseals.com/site/PageServer?pagename=DCMD_child_development_centers

Easterseals’ Inclusive Child Development Centers provide high quality inclusive programs to include early intervention and education, full-day childcare, parental support and intergenerational activities. Our goal is to maximize the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of each child and ensure a successful transition into school. Easterseals services children with and without disabilities six weeks to five years of age. Children attend with disabilities ranging from Autism and Down syndrome to Cerebral Palsy among others. Children also benefit from Individualized and small group occupational, physical, cognitive, and speech/language therapy services offered within the classroom. As a result of their daily interaction, typically developing children develop more positive perception of children with special needs, are comfortable with and understand special needs. Special needs children benefit from role modeling of their typically developing peers and an opportunity to meet all developmental needs in one program. Easterseals Child Development Centers provides these services to children from a range of financial backgrounds, and we work especially hard to serve children from low to moderate income families. For those unable to afford the difference between actual cost of services of payment from insurance, Easterseals secures grants from private foundations and government agencies as well as generous support of individuals.

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