Easter Seals Mobility Center

Address: 158 State Street
Meriden, CT 06450
Phone: (203) 237-7835 Fax: (203) 6340341 Email: DanielleD@eastersealsofct.org Website: http://ct.easterseals.com/site/PageServer?pagename=CTDR_Mobility_Center

he Easter Seals Mobility Center provides thorough driving assessments to individuals over 16 years of age who have an injury or impairment that may impact their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  We provide a clinical assessment, as well as an on the road assessment.  In addition, we provide equipment recommendations and prescriptions, and when appropriate vehicle inspections.  At the end of the assessment, a recommendation is given regarding a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  Recommendations for equipment or driving restrictions are also made when appropriate.

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