The Emerge Center – Baton Rouge Louisiana

Address: 7784 Innovation Park Drive, (formerly GSRI Road)
Baton Rouge, LA 70820
Phone: (225) 343-4232 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

The Emerge Center is the area’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to optimizing independent communication and social interaction skills. We are dedicated to reaching ALL in our community who need our services.

Services Include:
Hearing Loss Services – Audiology And Hearing Loss Services For Children And Adults Speech and Language Therapy – Here at The Emerge Center in Baton Rouge, our speech-language therapy for children addresses deficits by building communication skills in a safe, healthy environment. We are a community non-profit center that assists more than 200 speech and language-challenged children each month.

Occupational Therapy
Behavioral Services

Children’s Development Center
Located in Baton Rouge, LA, The Emerge Center’s Children’s Development Center provides multiple interventions, from a number of disciplines, under one roof. Our nurturing professional staff works together and one-on-one with each child. We also work with you as the family to identify specific goals and develop a customized therapy plan for him or her, based on diagnosis, age, and skill level.

At Emerge, we know the struggles parents face, and our expert staff is equipped to guide you along the path that is right for your child. Early childhood is a critical period of development. This program equips children to become more self-sufficient and independent to succeed in school by building the following skills: basic communication emergent literacy/language social early academic/school readiness self-help fine motor sensory processing adaptive behavior

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