Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged

Address: 1550 Franklin Avenue, Office of the County Executive
Mineola,, NY 11501
Phone: (516) 571-6000 Website: https://nassaucountypcgames.com/wp/

History of the Games…

The Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged have taken place in Nassau County for the past 2…7 years; so naturally, there is no better place to continue the tradition!

Homed at Mitchel Athletic Complex and Nassau Community College, athletes compete in track, field, slalom, swimming, wheelchair basketball and table tennis. Participants range in age from 5 to 21 and face disabilities including blindness, impaired vision, deafness, impaired hearing, spinal cord injuries, amputees and those who have cerebral palsy, dwarfism and other physical disabilities.

There is no cost to athletes to participate and the number of participants has increased yearly to as many as 1,100! The dedication brought forth by the parents, families, teachers, coaches and volunteers are crucial to the success of these games. Operating with a small staff, the games are facilitated by those who return year after year to a program they love.


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