EMPOWER Community Resource Center

Address: 136 South Poplar Street, PO Box 173
Greenville, MS 38702-1733
Phone: (662) 332-4852 Website: http://www.deltamace.org/index.php

Educating Minority Parents; Opening Windows to Educational Rights- (EMPOWER) a community-based minority governed non-profit organization, occupies an important role in the evolution of standards-based school reform and its potential for improving the quality of education for poor and minority children in Mississippi.  It is the mission of EMPOWER to serve the families of as well as children and youth with disabilities themselves, by assisting them to attain an education that will enable them to live the fullest life possible.

EMPOWER provides non-cost services to families for the purpose of: empowering parents of youth with a full range of disabilities of their parental roles as active, equal partners, informed decision makers, and advocates for their children. EMPOWER assists families by providing services which include: Information and advice through a toll free information line, Workshops for parents and professionals, Lending library, Information Packets on disability, advocacy and basic rights, Quarterly news updates for parents and professionals, Referral service

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