EmpowerTech – Assistive Technology Resource – Los Angeles CALIFORNIA

Address: 9100 S. Sepulveda Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (310) 338-1597 Fax: (310) 3389318 Email: info@empowertech.org Website: http://www.empowertech.org/

EMPOWERTECH is Los Angeles County's only non-profit organization devoted to bringing the latest in assistive technology to children and adults living with disabilities.

Concerned parents and professionals founded the "Computer Access Center" in 1986, and later renamed it EmpowerTech. As one of the original non-profit Assistive Technology (AT) centers nationwide, EmpowerTech has lead the way with dynamic, hands-on programs to train students on Web browsers, computer screen readers, note takers, popular office software, and other devices.

Programs are free, and focus on helping students become comfortable — and eventually proficient – with life-changing technologies that encourage greater independence.

The mission of EmpowerTech is to educate, train, support, and empower people with physical and developmental disabilities through assistive technology (AT).


EmpowerTech offers several model programs for special-needs children, and blind and low-vision, disabled and older adults. To learn more, visit the links below:

Blind/Low-Vision Services (Training for adults who need additional skills to pursue employment, or return to school)

TRADE (For disabled adults looking to increase their employability by learning touch typing, the Internet and Microsoft software applications)

Programs for Older Adults (For seniors who want to learn the Internet and e-mail, and conduct personal business online)

Assistive Technology Exploration  (For children and adults looking to discover assistive technologies most beneficial to their needs)

Assistive Technology Assessment (Evaluation of a student's ability to use specific assistive technology devices and software)

School Programs (In-classroom assistive technology training for preschool, elementary and high school students)

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